why it must be AGH????

(ooops, from my first post, i will try to practice my english here. ‘am sorry if i get a bad word)  :)

in august 2009, im very happy because i get new school to study.  I get AGH from UTM (independent talent examination). From the exam, i get AGH in first choice. why? because i love agriculture and i love all of the subject. Everyone need rice and rice was producted by agriculture.. so, all began from agriculture.

when i was child, when i went to my hometown, i always look outside to the rice field from my car. there were farmers who was upgraded their field. im very happy to see a huge field that it must be planted by rice plant. all of part the field was looked greeny and natural.  im very proud to farmers who was did that. so, from my heart i never shy to be come a farmer or something about plant. because it an exalted job……………